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Recommended Tools

Protecting your privacy is not a one step process. There are steps beyond a privacy service that you should also take to ensure your privacy. Choosing the correct software is a big piece. These are our recommended picks for use with the Cotse.Net services:

All recommended applications and utilities are free of charge. Most are open source.

Recommended Cross Platform Programs and Utilities (meaning they work on Windows, MAC, and *nix)



We highly recommend Firefox with NoScript and AdBlockPlus extensions.

Thunderbird with Penelope
(Eudora 8.0)

Thunderbird with Penelope (the Eudora Interface and features) is a great fit with Cotse.Net services. It is Open Source, free, and extremely robust. It also provides the privacy and security you require.
Email encryption


Encrypt your messages and files with the best and highest rated encryption so that only you and your receiver can read, reply, or open. Also digitally sign text to prove it was from you.
Email encryption made easy


Integrates gnupg encryption and signing into Thunderbird, Eudora, Mozilla, and SeaMonkey clients. Automatic encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify e-mail. Eudora 8.07b users should download Enigmail for SeaMonkey 2.0.
Encrypt entire drives.    


Open Source Disk Encryption. Create virtual encrypted storage containers that can be mounted as a disk, encrypt USB flash drives and other USB devices, and it will even encrypt partition where OS is installed for boot auth prior to launch.

Windows Recommended Utilities

Gnupg Encryption Utilities


Outlook extension to add gnupg to Outlook similar to how Enigmail adds it to Thunderbird/Eudora.


Adds GPG functions to Explorer shell allowing right click to encrypt or sign files.


Although no longer being developed this still works to add the ability to to encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify clipboard contents as well as text in open windows. Does work with Windows 7 but you must right click and copy rather than using CTRL-C for it to see text in the clipboard.



The best free firewall, advanced.

Remove deleted files and wipe slack space.


Open Source. Far better rated than any of the overly-hyped "eliminators". Free.

Detect and remove spyware.


One of the must have's for spyware detection and removal.


The other must have for adware and spyware detection and removal. Free.

Detect and remove viruses.


A good antivirus free for home use.


Another good antivirus for home use. Run with AVG.

Microsoft Security Essentials

It gets good reviews and catches things the above two miss, but read below before using, it was a toss-up as to whether or not we were going to include this here.
Note: Microsoft Security Essentials forces membership in MS Spynet, an "online community dedicated to reporting and stopping malware", or rather, everyone else running this. Basic membership in Spynet means reports are sent to MS by MSE. Reports could include a list of running processes, installed programs, and information on the files identified as malware and the action taken. Not very privacy concious, but quite frankly, MS has access to all this anyway, so if you are trying to keep your Windows computer a secret from Microsoft, good luck.

Useful System Utilities


Control everything that is automatically started

Process Monitor

 Monitor processes and what they are doing, stack calls, dll calls, network calls, and more

Process Explorer

 Explore your currently running processes as well as previously launched processes


 List all network listening applications

MAC only utilities
We could use suggestions

More Advanced Tools:
Privoxy Set up your own local filtering proxy to protect your web surfing.
Tor A connection-based low-latency anonymous communication system that protects TCP streams: web browsing, instant messaging, irc, ssh, etc.
updated: Feb, 22 2005
Cotse's own perl based mixmaster mail and usenet web interface. Automatic flood protection, bot detection, feature rich, easy to install. Almost anyone can now add a remailer web interface to their site. Download the tgz file and read mixmaster.cgi for setup information. Free for non-commercial use.

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