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CGI The CGI proxy is a web based proxy. This means that you visit it as a web page and use it to further surf. It is good for when you are in cyber cafes, libraries, or anywhere where you cannot install software. It is a slower proxy and some sites will not work with it. Always visit it using https.

Standard The standard proxy is a basic proxy that you add directly to your browser. It's good for quick easy setup without install of anything else. Also good for protecting yourself from the sites you surf. It is available on ports 8080 and 8888.

Port 8080 runs through a filter, 8888 does not. This filter removes many ads, annoyances, and scripts. It makes your surfing safer but will slow it way down and some sites will not work. This is the price of anonymity, some sites require the very identification tokens you need to strip.

You can accomplish the same thing the filter does using Firefox with AdBlockPlus and NoScript with port 8888. Actually, it's better to use those because it allows you to customize which sites you allow and which you do not. It will also be faster.

The standard proxy has a big drawback, it's not encrypted between us and you, so it doesn't protect you from your ISP. To do that you must encrypt with stunnel, instructions are provided on the configuration page. SSH Tunneling is recommended over the standard proxy, althout stunnel with the standard proxy has benefits.

SSH Tunnels SSH provides high encryption between you and us. The tunnels pass the data between your browser or other type of Internet application and the proxy, ensuring all is secure.

SSH can also encrypt and tunnel Usenet, IRC, IM, and many other programs than just web.

Socks A socks proxy can proxy far more types of programs. Using programs like Sockscap even programs that don't support a proxy can be proxied securely. This brings in things like Skype and other Internet programs into the picture.

Our socks proxy operates on a standard SSH server so that you can do everything the standard SSH tunnels can do as well. The Socks Plus service will also be the faster of the two types of SSH proxies we offer during times of peak use because we assign fewer users to available resources with them.

We can also add you to a regular SSH Tunnel server upon request. Socks versions 4, 4a, and 5 are supported.

VPN VPN can do it all. It is a virtual private network between you and us. Everything you do is passed through an encrypted tunnel. Everything will have it's IP shielded. It is also the fastest of the services. Nothing is filtered.

Internet Shield includes CGI, Standard, and SSH. Socks Plus subscribers get all that and an added socks proxy. VPN can be added for a nominal cost to any service. VPN is also available as a stand alone service.

Need a basic explanation of how a proxy can help you?  See our Basics file on the topic.

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