All service notices are posted here.

Notice - If you are hosting a domain on host1, the IP address changed with our upgrade to If you have questions, please contact helpdesk.

Apr 3 - The host1 cpanel webhosting server is back online on an upgraded host, accounts are restored. Those using host1 do not need to do anything.

Apr 3 - NOTICE - Someone is watching our notices and sending phishing campaigns based upon them. We have never sent links in email for this reason. Any mail you get that appears to come from us needing you to click something is fake. When in doubt, check with helpdesk.

Apr 3 - now supports spf, dkim, dmarc, and mta-sts. It is getting near to when we will be merging cotse into CodaMail. If you'd like to use CodaMail now, contact helpdesk.

Apr 2 - The web hosting server host1 is taking a bit longer than expected. We are working to get data transfered as quickly as we can. We apologize for our recent issues, we are in process of upgrading basically everything we offer.

You will see dramatic improvements in capacity, which will include increased quotas across the board, increased speeds, and a bunch of new features including zero access encryption, masked aliases (the ability to create root domain level email addresses), a new webmail, and frankly, too much to list here when we have completed things.

Mar 30 - A new upgraded webhosting server is currently being provisioned with dedicated bandwidth, once complete the data on the current host1 will be transferred. This old server will have difficulty responding during this time due to load, transfer could take 24-48 hrs.

Mar 23 - Host1 is back online.

Mar 23 - The web host server host1 is currently unavailable due to a network failure at our provider. This is unrelated to the datacenter sunset. This only affects those set up on the host1 web hosting server. We will keep you updated here as our provider updates us.

Phishing: We are a constant target of phishing e-mail. We will never send you formatted e-mail, we only send plain text. We do not send links for you to click. Do not follow links or click things in emails. Manually come to our website and check notices, to make a payment, etc. As always, email helpdesk if you have questions.

Reminder: Because we are a privacy service, we do not back up your personal e-mail. This means that when you delete it, it is irretreivably gone. It is not floating around in some backup that can be retrieved from us against your will. However, it also means you must download and save your important mail, if you delete it, or we suffer a data failure, we do what we can with recovery tools, but we most likely cannot restore it.

For optimum privacy with the service use a pop3s mail app and set it to delete the mail from the server after retrieval. We also recommend that your local mail store be an encrypted volume. Once your mail is removed from the server by your mail app, we no longer have a copy, no mail backups and we are deliberately not with a large cloud service, instead opting to keep everything in-house, for the same reason. This puts you in full control of your mail and its privacy. When you delete it, it can't be retrieved and there is no record of it being there.