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or click her e for a new account.

If you are a new account that went through the reservation process but not payment and wish to continue, do not click new account again, instead enter the account name y ou already reserved in line 3 and then continue and you will be brought to services and payment for the account.

We do also accept checks, money orders, and cash sent by regular mail (although we recommend against mailing cash). For regular mail payments please follow the signup procedure and when it gets to the payment droplist select 'check or money order' and it will display the address to mail it to and all relevant information needed. You will need to mail a copy of the final page with the payment as it details your services.

We operate under many different domain names, however, all payments are processed under the Cotse.Net domain. So if you found us via another domain, that domain can be used, but payments are through Cotse.Net.