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Configuring Desktop Email Clients

Support : Email: Configuring Android Email App

Note: Android mail apps may send read receipts when you read a message that includes one, sometimes without your ability to control it. We consider this a privacy violation, not to mention that it is what notifies spammers that the address is valid. This will not happen to you with us. Neither Delivery Receipts (meaning the server notifies the sender that the mail was received) nor Read Receipts (meaning your mail app notifies the sender that you read the message) will work with messages received via our incoming mail server.

Setting up K-9 Mail
(K-9 Mail is a free mail app available from Google Play store. We recommend K-9 Mail over the default Android Mail app for it's easy ability to handle multiple identities (from addresses/aliases) as well as handle PGP)

  • Download and install k-9 Mail from Google Play
  • After install, launch it.
  • Click next on welcome screen
  • Enter e-mail address and password (typically and your cotse e-mail password, but can be any Cotse hosted address/alias you want to use, but still Cotse email password)
  • Tap Manual Setup
  • Tap IMAP (or POP if you are familiar with it and prefer it over imap)
  • Incoming server settings:

    Username: youraccountname
    Password: Your email password
    IMAP server:
    Security: SSL/TLS (always)
    Authentication: Plain

    Rest leave at defaults

  • Tap Next
  • It will verify incoming server settings and if correct move to Outgoing server settings:

    SMTP Server:
    Security: SSL/TLS (always)
    Port: 465
    Require sign-in: checked
    Authentication: Plain
    Username: yourcotseusername
    Password: Your email password

  • Tap Next
  • It will verify SMTP and move to Account options:

    Set as you desire, enable push mail is fine checked

  • Tap Next
  • You're almost done!:

    Enter a name for this account setup (ex. Cotse)
    Enter the name you'd like on the mail you send (typically your name).

  • Tap Done

Tap on the name you gave the account (ex. Cotse) to open it.

You can click the < next to the little k-9 icon at top left of screen to go back,
first tap brings you to folders to select from (if you'd like to read a different folder),
Tap it again and you are back where you started at accounts.

Multiple Aliases:

  • From main account screen Tap and hold the account (ex. Cotse)
  • A menu appears, select Account settings
  • Select Sending Mail
  • Select Manage Identities
  • Tap the Menu button on your device and select New identity
  • Enter information and tap the back icon on your device
  • Repeat for each identity to send as, they will be available in a list when you tap the from line in the compose window.


k-9 Mail supports PGP with the installation of the app APG (free from Google Play store)

  • After setting up your public and private keys in APG, Tap and hold on the account (ex. Cotse) as you did to create multiple identities above.
  • Select Account settings, scroll to Cryptography and tap OpenPGP Provider and select APG.

K-9 will now handle PGP.

Setting up the default Android Mail app
(k-9 is really much better):

  • Open your email app.
  • Tap Other when presented with list of accounts
  • Enter your e-mail address and password
  • Select Manual Setup
  • Select imap (pop, if you are familiar with it and prefer it):

    Username: Your Cotse account name without
    Password: Your email password
    IMAP server:
    Port: (leave it be, it will change when we change security type)
    Security type: SSL/TLS
    Authentication Method: Plain
    IMAP path prefix: Leave it as is, empty

  • Click next
  • After verifying incoming settings it will bring you to outgoing (SMTP server settings):

    SMTP server:
    Port: (leave it be, it will change when we select security type)
    Security Type: SSL/TLS
    Require Sign-in: checked
    Authentication Method: Plain
    Username: Your Cotse account without
    Password: Your email password

  • Click Next
  • After verifying SMTP you will end up at account settings, make any changes you wish.
  • Click Done:

    Give this account a name and enter the name you wish to appear on your e-mail

  • Click Next

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